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April 1, 2013 Leave a comment Pick City of the Week: San Diego

We love San Diego and we’ve got three new listings in the Carmel Valley of San Diego.

For more deets and photos go to

Listed by Petra Strecker of Keller Williams.

(photo by

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Another Success Story

March 19, 2013 Leave a comment

When we sold our home, privacy was of absolute importance. To meet our needs, Alex and Pocketlistings came up with an agent-first marketing approach that leveraged his pocket listings network ( This helped us get the word out and find the most suitable buyer, almost instantaneously. Our property sold off market after just one showing.

-Milla and Chad testimonial, March 2013.

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Real Estate Resolution for 2013 — join!

January 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Happy New Year!

We have a Real Estate Resolution for you: join .Why? Here’s just one reason- our Real Estate Match™ service.

Every day, we receive multiple emails of off-market (not in MLS, not yet in MLS, pocket, temporarily off market, off the market for the holidays/summer etc.) listings and buyer needs emails from non-members of . We see so many missed opportunities of matching a buyer need from one brokerage to a listing from another brokerage.

We’ve also noticed that many of these agents that email us are members of top agent networks. If top agent networks were an effective marketing platform, then why are these same agents sharing their “private listings” outside of these exclusive networks? We believe that top agent networks are an old school way to sell real estate. These membership networks only allow the sharing of listings amongst their group and are not searchable to anyone outside of that network. It doesn’t offer much more of a benefit than a mass email or sharing at an office meeting.

So make a New Years resolution not to waste time searching through old emails to find that pocket listing email or the buyer need email, from “what agent was it? ” “Did I see that email last week or was it last month?”  “What brokerage was that again?”

Let’s us do the work for you with trademarked Real Estate Match™ service.

Once you post your pocket listing or buyer need, we do some behind the scenes magic to show you potential matches for that post that might be suitable to you and your clients. If no matches display right after you submit your post, don’t panic. We’ll email you as soon as a match hits our site, and we automatically produce a Saved Search/Match for your post in your Control Panel, which you can always login and refer to later.

The old way of selling real estate is one sided: seller markets property, buyers search. We let you do that too, but now there is a new kid on the block…Real Estate Match™, enabling both sides of the equation to be heard, and matches to be made. It’s dating for real estate!


Your matches show up here in your Control Panel.


Happy New Year, Happy Selling and Happy Matching!

You Asked, We Fixed: Thumbnails Now Display When Sharing On Facebook

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Even though we recently released a completely over-hauled version of, there is already a growing list of things we’d like to do for the next major release. However, there are some little things we can do along the way to tweak our service and make it that much better for you, and that much more powerful of a tool to help you get more property sold.

Last week, we rolled out a fix to our Facebook Like and Sharing feature. Previously, when you Liked or Shared a post on Facebook, you were only able to display our logo. As much as our logo is awesome, a picture in real estate is worth a thousand words and we want people spreading the word about your property, so we thought a little thumbnail teaser would help accomplish that. Now, when you click “Like” or use Share This to spread the word about posts on Facebook, you will be given the option to include a thumbnail, or not. Cool! Right?

But what if you set your privacy options to not display a photo publicly? No problem, your posts will be shared with our logo and not a thumbnail.

Buyer needs, of course, do not have pictures associated with them, so our logo will display.

As always, we gotcha covered and are here to help you close more deals, so do us a favor and tell your colleagues, join, and use our service.

Blue Bottle Coffee Is Oh So Close To This Hayes Valley Pocket Listing

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment

There is opportunity knocking in the form of a beautiful Victorian building in Hayes Valley, San Francisco…a stone’s throw from one particular coffee kiosk (Blue Bottle Coffee) that arguably revolutionized coffee in North America forever (If you’re really up on your history it was actually started on the other side of the Bay, but that’s trivial.)

We’ll spare you an entire run down of just how cool this building is, and instead send you directly to the property detail page.

There is another unit with this building, and we’re not sure if/when that will come up for sale separately, but we do know (without a shadow of a doubt) the entire building could be had.

Hayes Valley Pocket Listing, $1,399,000 []

Single Family Home On Collingwood In San Francisco Calling All Dreamers

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Technically, it’s Eureka Valley, but for all practical purposes we’re bringing you the opportunity to build your dream home in San Francisco’s Castro District. The current home on the property is liveable, and plans are approved to practically double the size of the existing structure to an “4,112 sq foot home with views from 2 upper levels“. However, there is a catch…when the sun goes down and you have a cocktail party on any one of those view decks, we’re at least invited to restock the cooler. Deal?

4 bed, 5.5 bath, 2 car parking, $2,100,000, Single Family Home On Collingwood, San Francisco []

Long Time No Blog…An Update On

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since we did a blog post here, as we do most of our updates on our Facebook Profile, but we thought it time to just remind everyone who happens upon this blog that we are very much open for business, but also very much in a “holding pattern”, as we like to call it.

Although the launch of our Beta version was successful beyond what we had expected, there are TONS of things we want to change. We thought the industry wanted one thing, but it turns out they want more! As a result, we have put all marketing efforts for this version (except a bit of Facebook and Twitter) on hold.

Our site continues to see a steady flow of traffic, new users, and increasing page ranks on all of the major search engines. We have agents joining us in California, New York, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, Utah, Kansas, Florida, Georgia, and many more. Word is definitely spreading and we’re diligently working towards a solution to all of the foibles of the current way real estate is marketed, and the mistakes we made with our Beta version (but that’s why it’s Beta!)

We appreciate your patience and are thrilled to see you telling your colleagues and using our current version, and can only say, “Just wait til you see what’s next.”.


Alexander Clark