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Real Estate Resolution for 2013 — join!

January 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Happy New Year!

We have a Real Estate Resolution for you: join .Why? Here’s just one reason- our Real Estate Match™ service.

Every day, we receive multiple emails of off-market (not in MLS, not yet in MLS, pocket, temporarily off market, off the market for the holidays/summer etc.) listings and buyer needs emails from non-members of . We see so many missed opportunities of matching a buyer need from one brokerage to a listing from another brokerage.

We’ve also noticed that many of these agents that email us are members of top agent networks. If top agent networks were an effective marketing platform, then why are these same agents sharing their “private listings” outside of these exclusive networks? We believe that top agent networks are an old school way to sell real estate. These membership networks only allow the sharing of listings amongst their group and are not searchable to anyone outside of that network. It doesn’t offer much more of a benefit than a mass email or sharing at an office meeting.

So make a New Years resolution not to waste time searching through old emails to find that pocket listing email or the buyer need email, from “what agent was it? ” “Did I see that email last week or was it last month?”  “What brokerage was that again?”

Let’s us do the work for you with trademarked Real Estate Match™ service.

Once you post your pocket listing or buyer need, we do some behind the scenes magic to show you potential matches for that post that might be suitable to you and your clients. If no matches display right after you submit your post, don’t panic. We’ll email you as soon as a match hits our site, and we automatically produce a Saved Search/Match for your post in your Control Panel, which you can always login and refer to later.

The old way of selling real estate is one sided: seller markets property, buyers search. We let you do that too, but now there is a new kid on the block…Real Estate Match™, enabling both sides of the equation to be heard, and matches to be made. It’s dating for real estate!


Your matches show up here in your Control Panel.


Happy New Year, Happy Selling and Happy Matching!


Pocket Listings: Myths-busted!

December 14, 2012 Leave a comment

We came across an article from Bryan Robertson of the Sereno group and had to share it! There have been a slew of recent articles about why pocket listings are bad for business. We aren’t buying any of those claims, they are myths and not the real reason some agents don’t like pocket listings. Bryan will bust those myths below.

Mention “pocket listings” to most real estate agents and they’ll tell you myriad reasons why they’re bad for the agents, sellers, and appraisers.  The local MLS will try to fine agents with pocket listings and the local REALTOR leadership will raise ethics concerns.  All of this done – even if the agent has an “exclude from MLS form”.  There’s a real reason for why REALTORS don’t like “pocket listings” (aka “off market listings”) and it has nothing to do with any of that.

recently article published by NAR would have us believe that homes not placed on the MLS:

– skew a buyers perspective of the market

– aren’t available as comparables for appraisers, agents, etc

– a disservice to clients (sellers)

Let’s do a little “Mythbusters” investigation on all those claims to see which ones really hold water.  Then I’ll tell you what is really behind this movement.

CLAIM 1:  Skews a buyers market perspective – FALSE!  When an off-market listing comes on the market around Silicon Valley the listing agent often sends the information to other agents and managers to “get the word out”.  They usually get a solid response and the home sells pretty much at market rates.

CLAIM 2:  Aren’t available as comps – FALSE!  This is just plain laziness.  Seriously, you can’t look in the tax records to find a comp?  If you can’t find enough market comps the next place to look is the tax records.  It’s not that hard to do – stop whining.

CLAIM 3:  A disservice to clients – FALSE!  If the client wants to list “off market”, that’s their choice.  There are many reasons including privacy, price range, strong buyer demand, and others that mean the seller will do just fine selling off market.  It is very rare a buyer gets a “deal”.  What the buyer gets is less hassle.


The MLS is designed to ensure a level playing field by getting listings to all agents.  If a listing isn’t on the MLS it means that the only agents who know about it are the ones who are active, engaged, and networked.  The idea that a small group of agents, or a single agent, could have an unfair advantage with buyers or sellers just drives the leadership nuts.  Never mind the fact that this is already a very competitive business.

My advice for agents wanting to stop pocket listings – don’t.  Just do a better job of being connected to learn what the market is doing. Personally, the agent who knows about a lot of pocket listings is probably more on top of the market than someone who just checks the MLS.  Think about that.

Alex Clark, Founder of

“Up until now MLS was the only game in town to share listings easily between brokerages, but as we’ve said before, now there is the internet. Technology has changed dramatically in the past 5-10 years and some sellers realize they can get the price they want without ever going through the headaches of being on MLS (open houses, days on market, public price reductions, etc.). The only people that suffer are the agents programmed to only look for property for their buyers on MLS. Our job as agents (yes, I am an active, licensed agent selling real estate on and off our MLS) is to work for our clients and yield a high sales price. Exposure is the name of the game, and if a property can be exposed via internet, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, a blog, a website, and so many other avenues that didn’t exist when MLS was conceived. The argument about hoarding commissions is just lame. Use your negotiating skills to not only secure a pocket listing for your buyer, but also make sure you get a fair commission.  Pocket Listings are not illegal, they are not unethical, and they are not unfair.  The only people that complain about them are the agents that don’t have the wherewithal to adjust to the changing landscape that is marketing real estate for sale. It’s high time an alternative to MLS comes along, and it’s just a matter of time before MLS, as we know it today, either adapts or goes away,” Alex Clark

 Source: Active Rain

Tis The Season For “Temp-Off-The-Market” Listings

November 29, 2012 Leave a comment

This week and last, I’ve seen countless emails like this from real estate professionals:

” My listing is off MLS for the holidays, but still available.”

” Withdrawn in MLS, but seller wants to sell before Spring!”

” Not back on MLS until January, but actively showing. Motivated Sellers!”

” Off MLS for holidays, but can still show with some notice.”

During the past two weeks, in Marin and San Francisco, almost 100 listings have been withdrawn or temporarily taken off the market- but they aren’t really off the market.  

Contrary to popular belief, homes DO sell during the holiday season. Last year, in San Francisco alone, there were over 350 homes sold from November 15th through the end of the year.

So how do you market your listing during the holidays when it’s off MLS and your sellers still expect you to sell their home before Spring? You use Why? On any post can be searched, linked to, ranked, Shared, emailed, marketed, and seen by potentially thousands of people around the world. We also feed every post you do to our Twitter page  (over 1800 followers) and to our Facebook (over 1600 friends).

Your sellers may go dark for the holiday, but your listing doesn’t have to!

Off-MLS real estate, pocket listings are the new secondary home market.

November 14, 2012 Leave a comment

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And Agents, bloggers and brokerages coast-to-coast are jumping on board.


MLS Alternative & Real Estate Match Making Service Is Here To Stay

November 13, 2012 Leave a comment

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Today, we passed 1180 members and $1.5B in posted real estate!, the MLS Alternative and our product Real Estate Match™ is no trend, it’s here to stay!

The Most Expensive Home On The U.S. Market Is “Off The Market.”

November 12, 2012 Leave a comment

While reading one of the many real estate blogs that now cover pocket listings, I came across one featuring the most expensive home in the U.S. If you Google “most expensive home for sale in the U.S.” it doesn’t show up anywhere, as it’s still considered “off-the-market” or not in MLS (Multiple Listing Service). But this over-the-top piece of real estate is very much on the market and here are the deets:

“The colossal, hilltop contemporary compound in the hills of Bel Air that Robb Report named as their Ultimate Home in 2011 is very quietly being shopped around with a price tag $150,000,000 price tag. A Montecito, CA-based real estate broker well known in real estate circles to work with a very well-heeled clientele. The current owner—is a Saudi prince or another—purchased the property back in November 1993 though a corporate entity for $1,875,000 from legendary pop music composer and producer Burt Bacharach.”

The village-like residence—an interconnected collection of structures designed by Richard Landry and composed mostly of glass, steel, smooth stucco and rough-cut sandstone—sits high and tight on just over 1.5 acres and surrounds a fully-enclosed, piazza-like central motor court. Combined, the civic center-sized behemoth measures in at around 40,000 square feet and contains a staggering number of bedrooms—28! A few of the interior features include: numerous rooms for formal and informal entertaining; a zebra wood lined library; a home theater and separate recording studio; and a mini-mansion sized master suite with dual dressing areas and at least one bathroom sheathed almost entirely in white onyx; a complete spa facility with gym and private massage rooms.

Outdoor amenities include: a roof terrace with views from downtown to the Pacific Ocean; a deep and heated loggia for comfortable outdoor living even on cool winter evenings; a resort style negative edge swimming pool with tanning shelf; terraced fruit orchards. Below the pool there’s a titanic terrace with outdoor kitchen and sand stone fireplace perched atop a roomy recreation room outfitted with media lounge area, billiards table and a built-in leather-clad bar.

If $150,000,000 is out of your price range (darn!), check back with us weekly for our featured “Pocket Listing of Week.” Have a pocket listing you’d like to submit? Email us at: Or join and share it with our fast growing network of buyers, sellers and real estate professionals!

Source: RealEstalker

Your Pocket Listings Questions, Answered.

November 8, 2012 Leave a comment

You have a question about pocket listings? We’ll do our best to answer it!

Q:  I saw a foreclosure ad for a property, only after an offer was accepted . I never saw any ads including a listing anywhere on any site or on foreclosures sites. This house had an accepted offer in 2 days. Can agents do that?

A:   Agents can sell a bank owned property (REO or foreclosures) as a pocket listing; as long as they get the bank the price they want, they can use multiple channels or methods to sell it. When there is a “good deal” in hot markets buyers will submit offers without even seeing homes in many cases.

Q:  Are pocket listings legal?

A:   A listing gets the name “pocket listing” or “pocket deal,” as well as an “off-MLS listing” because the broker figuratively keeps the property in his or her pocket and does not list it for sale on the multiple listing service (MLS). A broker has a fiduciary duty to make sure he or she sells a home for the best price, no matter how the broker lists the home.

“Much marketing is done via email, word-of-mouth, phone calls to shoppers in the price range. Sometimes they do web sites for them and create virtual tours. It’s just not on the MLS,” said Brenda Miller a real estate agent with Alain Pinel Realtors in Saratoga. “In Silicon Valley, this is happening in the northern area, the 650 area code (the stomping ground of technology-made multi-billionaires), more than in the 408 area code,” said Miller.

Q: Why are pocket listings becoming more popular with sellers?

A: There are sellers who have been interested in selling but aren’t comfortable with current home values. These sellers may sit on the sidelines and will only sell if they can get the price they want. Additionally, as soon as a home is listed in the MLS, the infamous “days on market” clock starts ticking. The longer your home sits on the market, the more “stale” it becomes and the less money you’re likely to be offered. Buyers, seeing that a home has been for sale for 30 or 60 days or even longer, will inevitably make low-ball offers. And so, instead of going on the market, a seller who wants a certain price may engage their real estate professional and put the listing out there as a “pocket” listing.

Q: Are pocket listings a trend or here to stay?

A: In some markets, there are entire websites devoted to pocket listings or networking opportunities with other agents about upcoming listings and properties. What started as a way to get the word out about future listings has turned into a secondary market of homes for sale for well-connected real estate agents.

Source:, Fox News,