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December 13, 2011 1 comment

We are proud to say, we have secured an additional “Angel Investment” and can now offer our service to you FREE OF CHARGE. That’s right. and all of the wonderful things we have created for you to do more deals and give your clients an alternative means to listing property for sale is 100% free to use, and incredibly easy to join.

We hope you and your colleagues take advantage of the opportunity placed in front of you to get on your way to more closed transactions. We encourage you to think outside of the box that we have all been forced to work in for so many years, and realize EXPOSURE and NETWORKING (the #1 and #2 methods to sell property), can (and will) come through participation on our site. Use to your advantage and help your sellers sell, and your buyers find what they need.

Go ahead. It’s FREE! Tutorial

Advertisements Version 2.0: An Overview Of New Features And Tutorial

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Welcome to, a Website For Open Exchange Of Not On MLS Real Estate Opportunities (Pocket Listings & Buyer Needs), An MLS Alternative & Real Estate Match Making Service. You can read this tutorial in it’s entirety top to bottom and know exactly what we do, or if you simply have questions about (new) features, click around and be enlightened.

Who Can Join And Become A Member
Create An Account
Invite Your Colleagues
Activate Your Account/Verify Email
Pending Verification
Post A Pocket Listing
Privacy Options For Posts, Pictures, Description, Addresses
Share With Public Or Members Only
Principals Only
Post A Buyer Need
View, Edit, & Share Your Post
Publish, Unpublish A Post
Sharing Posts Using Social Networking
Real Estate Match
Control Panel/My Account
Adding/Removing Favorites
My Posts, My Favorites, Saved Searches/Matches Tabs
Advanced Search
Saved Search
Removing A Saved Search
Email Notifications Of New Matches/Saved Searches
Property Detail Page
How We Use Twitter To Get Your Posts More Exposure
Cancel Your Account
Get Started!

The Concept
You (a licensed real estate professional) post property on our site that is for sale and not listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), such as “coming soon”, “pre-mls”, “withdrawn”, commercial, and other listings. You also post ALL of your buyer needs. We ( provide a service to search, share and produce a Real Estate Match™ for your post. You get paid. Your clients sell their property without any hassle or drama. Your buyers give you high fives and hugs.

Any post can be searched, linked to, ranked, Shared, emailed, marketed, and seen by potentially thousands of people around the world. We also feed every post you do to our Twitter page (respecting your Privacy Options, of course).

The goal being to get you closing more transactions, give your sellers an alternative listing place, and get your buyers property otherwise not marketed for sale, through as much exposure as possible of your posts…if you want it. If you and your clients prefer to share things more quietly, we give you Privacy Options to do just that too.

Combine Google, Craigslist, and… for real estate. That’s us.

The Homepage
Front and center, you’ll notice a large Keyword Search bar, which enables you to quickly search Neighborhood, City, Zip Code, and any keyword you can dream up.

We have a Latest Activity feed that comes directly from any new posts that are made on our site. This makes it easy to come back to our site often and see if there is anything new that might pique your interest. You can also follow us on Twitter to get a live feed of new posts and zero in on any metro area. (To learn more about how/why we do that, check out this article.)

We have some fun stats that we’ll continue to expand and elaborate, as well as all of the important login, join, search, and about us links. We also have the all important Facebook Like Button in the top left corner. Go ahead…Like it!

Click to enlarge
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Who can join? Only licensed real estate professionals may join and post to our site. The public can browse, search, share, “Like”, and view any information (description, address, pictures, contact information) that is made public by the real estate professional who did the post.

Read more… Version 2.0 Goes Live: Introduces Real Estate Match™; Privacy Options; Sharing; Saved Search; Email Alerts; Principals Only; More!

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We’re pleased to announce the rollout this past weekend of version 2.0!

Click to enlarge

It is jam-packed with new features to help you, the agent, do more deals, and give you, the client, more options when selling and searching for real estate. We did a fabulous tutorial on all of the great new features and how they work, so please take five minutes of your day and check it out.

Some major new features we’d like to highlight:

Real Estate Match™: As buyers and sellers post to our site, we do a little magic to match criteria and facilitate a potential transaction. Agents can post any property they have that is not listed on MLS, and ALL of their buyers looking for homes. If no matches are found immediately, when some do show up, emails will be sent. It’s online dating for real estate.

Privacy Options On Posts: Pocket listings are tricky in that some clients want the most exposure possible, while others want little to none, but they still want their property sold. When an agent posts a pocket listing on our site it is immediately searchable, but agent controls what information about the property to share, and with whom.

Principals Only: Inspired by our friends in commercial real estate, we give you the option to request anybody that contact you act as a Principal.

Saved Searches For Members: Do a search, save it. Refer to it later. Get emailed when posts fitting that criteria show up on our site. Simplifying your success.

Sharing with Social Networking: Whether you are the person that posted, or you’re someone browsing our site and you come across an opportunity that you absolutely must share, we make it easy. Using third party applications you can “Like” or “Send” any posts via Facebook, and share or repost via Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Digg, Stumbleupon, and so much more. Do a post, spread the word, and tell those in your circle to spread the word too.

Email Notifications of New Matches: Whether you save a search, or posted to our site and we’re looking for matches for you, we’ll notify you via email when something shows up on our site that might be a match.

How We Use Twitter To Get Posts More Exposure And Deliver Results In Real Time: It’s pretty simple really. Every post that hits our site is fed to our Twitter profile. It becomes searchable and we create hashtags for the city (#city) and a unique hashtag for our site that allows Twitter followers to see results only in their city of interest (#plcity). The more followers we get (and we’re getting a lot), the more exposure you get to your post (respecting your privacy options).

Those are just a couple of the big new features we released with this version. We actually have several more features lined up that we’re hoping to release as soon as possible.

We’ve already been written up in Top Agent Magazine, and press inquiries are coming in. The bottom line is that there is more real estate opportunity out there than what is on MLS, and clients deserve an alternative. Please help us help you by spreading the word and using our site today! Tutorial
Top Agent Magazine

Out With The Old And In With The New. Not On MLS Real Estate Just Got Better, More Social, And More Efficient

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Dear Members,

Looking for this?

That was our beta version. We launched it. We got tons of traffic. Agents closed deals because of it. We learned from it. We killed it. Version 2.0 is live! We changed at least 100 things since the beta version and we have made a completely overhauled service available to you. The general concept is the same, but now we have tons of new features including Real Estate Match™, Saved Search, a Principals Only feature, Social Networking and Sharing options, Increased Privacy Options, and so much more, all available to help you close more transactions and get more and more happy clients!

Our beta version was a result of hundreds of emails I see weekly from one agent to another both marketing pocket listings, and looking for them for their buyers (buyer need), so we tweaked what we had, and the result is amazing.

Version 2.0 is a 100% feedback driven, and we can’t thank you enough for the valuable insight you have provided.

The new homepage looks like this…

Click to check out Version 2.0

As a current member, you might be wondering what the heck happened to your old account. This is definitely a valid concern, but something you absolutely don’t need to worry about. We have transferred all of the previous accounts over to the new version successfully, your username and password are the same, and and ALL of your posts (including photos) are still live on the new site.

This new version automatically expires posts after 30 days and pulls them off the site, but any posts transferred over will remain live for 60 days from 10/1/2011 (who luvs ya). After 60 days your post will simply Unpublish, but it’s easy to republish it so it remains visible on searches and matches.

To learn all about the new version in detail or if you ever have any questions, please refer to this awesome Tutorial we just threw together. For future reference you can always find it at We will continue to update it as things change, so don’t hesitate to refer to it later.

We hope you like the new site, and we hope you tell your colleagues. It took us a REALLY long time to release this new version, but we didn’t want to release something with which we weren’t 100% satisfied. We are truly taking a leap forward in the real estate listing industry and we hope you stay with us, as we already have a laundry list of future services to add to help you do more deals even further into the future.

List and search is old school. List, Match, Search, Share, Tweet, Expire, Like, and Link are new school. We are the Dean.

As an active real estate agent in the city of San Francisco, I can categorically state we are filling a void in our marketplace.

We value your business and are striving to make our service something you and your clients come to know and trust, and we hope that you and your clients realize there is now an alternative (not competitor) to MLS. Use your Multiple Listing Service, and use us too. Your clients deserve options, as do you.

If you have any questions about the new site, please refer to our Tutorial from here on out.

As always, may your pocket listings sell quickly, and your buyers find what they need.


Alexander Clark

Napa Valley Luxury Estate For Sale ($16,950,000) Not On MLS…On

September 16, 2011 Leave a comment

St. Helena, CA – 94574 – Single Family Home – $16,950,000 – 6 bed – 10+ bath – Parking: 5+ – Sqft: 12,000

Tranquility awaits, high above St. Helena. A quiet oasis with compelling views, this magnificent villa of luxury rests peacefully overlooking the breathtaking Napa Valley. A once in a lifetime property that is unparalleled in serenity, beauty and comfort.

Completely remodeled 32 room estate which includes 2 master suites, 4 guest suites, 3 offices, 10 bathrooms, 4 entries, a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, sun room, loggia, wine cellar, exercise studio, library, laundry facilities, trunk room, pool house/changing rooms, two bedroom, two bath guest house, three car garage/three car carport and magnificent gardens.

Wow….just wow…

St. Helena Luxury Estate: 6 bed; 10+ bath; $16,950,000 []
A Wine Lover’s Paradise. Thirty Two room St. Helena Estate Could Be Yours For $16,950,000 []

Our First Mansion Marketed For Sale (Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania)

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Although not the first property posted on our site in Pennsylvania, it’s definitely the most eye-catching, and certainly our first “Mansion”.

If the photos of this little mansion don’t catch your eye, perhaps the description will:

Gorgeous 11,000 sf mansion on 22 acres of wooded land in picturesque New Hanover Township. This home is 30 yrs old with 3 living levels of style and craftsmanship not found in today’s homes. Modern features include renovated bathrooms w/radiant floor heating, new Andersen windows and doors, new high efficiency utilities and a brand new CertainTeed roof and septic system. From the brand new gourmet kitchen to the great room, every space is accented by amazing mill work, gleaming marble and rich Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. The home features a master suite which includes uniquely styled his and her bathrooms and two walk in closets, an in-law suite and 3,000 sf. finished basement. The home allows for possible subdivision. Convenient to the Main Line, Center City, and Lehigh Valley. By adding your personal touches, this home could be Architectural Digests next cover house!

Not sure where Perkiomenville, PA is? Don’t worry, we weren’t either. But thanks to Google Maps, we know it’s right here:

It’s definitely a mansion for our record books, so who’s got the pocket book for this truly amazing home?

Perkiomenville, PA – 18074 – Single Family Home – $1,290,000 – 5 bed – 7.5 bath – Parking: 4 New Hanover Township – Sqft: 9,685 []

Another Testimonial And Further Proof That Pocket Listings Sell! :-)

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We wanted to thank you for creating a valuable and necessary tool for our industry. We have been members of for quite some time, have posted properties and buyers needs, and just recently had the pleasure of finding our client’s property and closing the deal.

Our clients are thrilled that we were able to find them a property that was not in the MLS, the transaction closed very smoothly, and we can’t wait to do it again in the future with more clients.

We think that there is great value in It is an amazing idea, well executed, it is simple to use and works. We wish that more agents post their listings on

We thank you for your service.


Dennis and Anna

Dennis Stavropoulos
REALTOR, MBA, MScEE Lic #01830850

Anna G. Spathis
REALTOR, SRES, Lic #04146042
Luxury Market Real Estate Consultants. Local Experts with Global Networks.
Recipient of 2010 Black Diamond Elite Award and #1 Pacific Heights Agents.