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Five Million Buyers With Nowhere To Go

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Our goal at is to help you close more deals. It’s that simple. Think about this:

The National Association of Realtors released their Existing Home Sales Report not too long ago, and despite a drop in existing home sales from the month prior, there were still roughly 4.91 million transactions (not counting commercial and industrial transaction) for the year. Let’s just call it an even five million to make things easy. That’s pretty darn cool, right?

But the focus is always on units sold or sellers. Another way to say it is, there were roughly five million sellers of residential property last year. But everyone forgets about the five million buyers it took to make those transactions happen! Right? A transaction is never going to happen without a buyer. So why, until now, has ALL of the focus been on a place for sellers to list their properties for sale, and nowhere for the buyer to be heard? The importance of the buyer has been overlooked, for as many sellers as are out there, there is likely an equal or greater number of buyers.

Lawrence Yun, NAR’s Chief Economist, says it right here, “[T]he volume of successful buyers is higher than a year ago and is remaining fairly stable – this speaks to an unfulfilled demand.” Translation, buyers are out there, and they’re looking for property!

We encourage you to think outside of our industry box, look at the technology that is available to you, and use it to your advantage. Post ALL of the buyers you have looking for property on, share their wishes on your social networks, and let your fence-sitting sellers know about the buyers out there that might like to view their property. Buyers are an extremely important piece of the transaction puzzle. Let’s give them the attention and exposure they deserve, and get more property sold.

A sale is a sale is a sale, and we’re here to help you get more.

NAR Existing Home Sales Report (Real Estate Match Making Service) How it works (pray for snow!)

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Welcome to, a Website For Open Exchange Of Not On MLS Real Estate Opportunities (Pocket Listings & Buyer Needs), An MLS Alternative & Real Estate Match Making Service. You can read this tutorial in it’s entirety top to bottom and know exactly what we do, or if you simply have questions about (new) features, click around and be enlightened.

Who Can Join And Become A Member
Create An Account
Invite Your Colleagues
Activate Your Account/Verify Email
Pending Verification
Post A Pocket Listing
Privacy Options For Posts, Pictures, Description, Addresses
Share With Public Or Members Only
Principals Only
Post A Buyer Need
View, Edit, & Share Your Post
Publish, Unpublish A Post
Sharing Posts Using Social Networking
Real Estate Match
Control Panel/My Account
Adding/Removing Favorites
My Posts, My Favorites, Saved Searches/Matches Tabs
Advanced Search
Saved Search
Removing A Saved Search
Email Notifications Of New Matches/Saved Searches
Property Detail Page
How We Use Twitter To Get Your Posts More Exposure
Cancel Your Account
Get Started!

The Concept
You (a licensed real estate professional) post property on our site that is for sale and not listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), such as “coming soon”, “pre-mls”, “withdrawn”, commercial, and other listings. You also post ALL of your buyer needs. We ( provide a service to search, share and produce a Real Estate Match™ for your post. You get paid. Your clients sell their property without any hassle or drama. Your buyers give you high fives and hugs.

Any post can be searched, linked to, ranked, Shared, emailed, marketed, and seen by potentially thousands of people around the world. We also feed every post you do to our Twitter page (respecting your Privacy Options, of course).

The goal being to get you closing more transactions, give your sellers an alternative listing place, and get your buyers property otherwise not marketed for sale, through as much exposure as possible of your posts…if you want it. If you and your clients prefer to share things more quietly, we give you Privacy Options to do just that too.

Combine Google, Craigslist, and… for real estate. That’s us.

The Homepage
Front and center, you’ll notice a large Keyword Search bar, which enables you to quickly search Neighborhood, City, Zip Code, and any keyword you can dream up.

We have a Latest Activity feed that comes directly from any new posts that are made on our site. This makes it easy to come back to our site often and see if there is anything new that might pique your interest. You can also follow us on Twitter to get a live feed of new posts and zero in on any metro area. (To learn more about how/why we do that, check out this article.)

We have some fun stats that we’ll continue to expand and elaborate, as well as all of the important login, join, search, and about us links. We also have the all important Facebook Like Button in the top left corner. Go ahead…Like it!

Click to enlarge
back to index

Who can join? Only licensed real estate professionals may join and post to our site. The public can browse, search, share, “Like”, and view any information (description, address, pictures, contact information) that is made public by the real estate professional who did the post.

Read more…

You Asked, We Fixed: Thumbnails Now Display When Sharing On Facebook

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Even though we recently released a completely over-hauled version of, there is already a growing list of things we’d like to do for the next major release. However, there are some little things we can do along the way to tweak our service and make it that much better for you, and that much more powerful of a tool to help you get more property sold.

Last week, we rolled out a fix to our Facebook Like and Sharing feature. Previously, when you Liked or Shared a post on Facebook, you were only able to display our logo. As much as our logo is awesome, a picture in real estate is worth a thousand words and we want people spreading the word about your property, so we thought a little thumbnail teaser would help accomplish that. Now, when you click “Like” or use Share This to spread the word about posts on Facebook, you will be given the option to include a thumbnail, or not. Cool! Right?

But what if you set your privacy options to not display a photo publicly? No problem, your posts will be shared with our logo and not a thumbnail.

Buyer needs, of course, do not have pictures associated with them, so our logo will display.

As always, we gotcha covered and are here to help you close more deals, so do us a favor and tell your colleagues, join, and use our service.

How We Use #Twitter To Get Your Pocket Listings And Buyer Needs More #EXPOSURE!!

June 13, 2011 Leave a comment

We are using the tools available on the web to get your posts more exposure…after all, it’s lack of exposure that many agents will argue as the reason not to pocket list. The way we see it, if we can get you as much, or more, exposure for a pocket listing as you would get on MLS, it’s one more weapon in your arsenal to successfully sell your client’s home.

One of those tools is Twitter, and we wanted to show you how we use Our Twitter Page ( to not only get your post more exposure, but make your post unique on Twitter as well.

Twitter uses hashtags, the pound (#) symbol followed by a word, to enable millions of people around the world to talk or “tweet” about the same thing…like #football, #wine, #realestate, #surfing, etc., and we use Twitter. Notice what we do with the city you enter in your post. We turn it into a hashtag. In this case, “#Calabasas”.

That’s the city where you posted. Thanks to us and Twitter, it shows up with all of the other posts on Twitter where other people are also using that same hashtag, or essentially talking about the same thing.

That’s great, but we take it a step further.
What if you want to follow us on Twitter, but find there are a lot of posts in one area, and only a few in yours…like in #Malibu. We created a hashtag just for you, that you can “save search” on Twitter. That hashtag is #plcity. For example: #plsanfrancisco:

This way, you can track all of the not on MLS, or “off market” opportunities in YOUR AREA in real time! How cool is that!?

One final thing on this Twitter stuff. What good are your posts on Twitter if they’re stuck there and home buyers, sellers, and agents don’t find you!? We thought of that too. All of your posts that show up on Twitter have a hyperlink that takes the user right back to your post, and ultimately back to you (red arrow):

Remember, you can post “buyer needs” too, and it all functions the same.

If there is nothing happening in your area, and there are no #plhashtags to “save search”, well…start posting and telling your colleagues, friends, and family that the future of real estate “listing”, searching, and selling is here. We’re only going to get better, and better, and better, so we encourage you to join us now.

How To Increase Web Traffic To Our Site…And Your Posts

August 13, 2010 2 comments

There are several things we’re doing on our end to increase traffic to our site, which in turn will increase eyeballs looking at the pocket listings and buyer needs you post with us, but there are several things you can do to help as well.

In this age of “Social Networking” a link, a Tweet, or a Friend Request from you can go much farther than any marketing efforts we do on our end.

So if you have a blog or website, we kindly ask you to add to your blogroll or other form of site references.

If you are on Twitter, tweet and retweet any and all of our posts, tweets, and happenings and tell all of your followers about us.

If you are on Facebook, be our friend, tell your friends, and suggest us to everyone you know. They don’t have to be real estate professionals, they just need to have an interest in real estate…and if your friends have a roof over their heads, that shouldn’t be difficult.

There is no benefit to keeping us a secret to better your chances of beating your competition. The more real estate professionals that know about, and use, our site, the higher your chances of success at both selling that pocket listing, and finding what you need for that buyer of yours.


How To Maximize Search Results With Your Posts: Spell Out The City And Neighborhood

August 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Every so often we see our users doing what we real estate professionals are so accustomed to doing…shortening text to get more in. Have you ever seen this: 2bd, 2ba, 1Pk SFD in SD, CA? We do it in our classified ads all the time, but guess what, we have the internet now and we don’t charge you for how many characters your post is. Who does? We shorten your post text on our Twitter page, but hey…we only get 140 characters.

When you make a post on our site, we highly recommend you spell out the entire city and neighborhood…at the very least. For example, in the city box don’t put “SF”, rather “San Francisco”. And in the neighborhood box, don’t put “Pac Hts”, rather “Pacific Heights”. It will not only help with searches done on our site, but also help with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and those people that happen to run into our hashtags for city on Twitter.

Feel free to shorten things up in the description to get more in, but in the city and neighborhood, spell them out.

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