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Featured on SFGate (San Francisco) yesterday.

Much like finding love on a dating site, Web 2.0 lets buyers meet their dream homes and sellers meet their dream buyers in a direct, match-making process– without the MLS.

Because of new technology, many agents and their clients are turning to unconventional ways to list property for sale, and the increasing speed and reach of the internet (especially social networking) makes it easier to get attention to a property for sale, attention that was previously reserved for listings on the MLS. As more and more agents and their clients begin to achieve an “off market” sale at a desirable price and terms for all parties, the boundaries of ‘one national listing place’ expand– potentially to the point of blowing apart.

That’s what is all about. Says co-founder Alex Clark: “We’ve already seen a high volume of posts for higher end property and I expect that will continue, and we’re seeing a much larger number of agents using our service to promote ‘buyer needs,’ which bring fence sitting sellers and their agents out of the woodwork, and into contract. As we develop our technology further to simplify the process of posting pocket listings and buyer needs to our site, we suspect many more brokerages to get in the game as their clients (the buyers and sellers) become more and more savvy to the alternatives available to them.”

Web 2.0 Remaking Real Estate, Again [SF Gate]

Advertisements And Co-Founder Alexander Clark Featured In “Top Agent Magazine”

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Our co-founder and service featured in Top Agent Magazine’s Nationwide, Los Angeles, New York City, and Ventura/Santa Barbara editions.

Closer Connections
A new idea in real estate is eliminating barriers and erasing geographic lines

Top Agent Magazine Feature Article

How We Can Help The National Real Estate Market By Facilitating More Transactions

October 6, 2011 1 comment

Our founder recently sent this quote to a reporter, so we thought we’d share.

Upon being asked to put in his own words what we do:

We are socializing the world of off market or not on MLS real estate opportunity and facilitating transactions by giving sellers an alternative to their MLS, buyers their own place to list their needs, and matching them up… a la In an economy where Days On Market and a history of price reductions can drastically hurt a sellers offer price, thus their fear of “listing” their home on MLS, we can give them an avenue to explore selling their home through a licensed professional, their network, and the power of internet search, and social networking. On the other hand, because sellers are reluctant to “list”, buyers are in need of more property choices, because they aren’t finding what they need on MLS. We give them a chance to post that need (through their agent), which puts them in the system for future matches as well as makes their need searchable to any sellers or sellers’ agents looking for buyers. If no sale happens…delete…and there is no history.

It’s about time there is an alternative, national, and central place to facilitate real estate transactions at all levels.

As you begin to use and experience our site, as our founder has in San Francisco, you’ll see how tremendously powerful this tool will become to you and your clients.

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Inman News, SFGate, The Examiner, First Tuesday, New York Times All Talking About Pocket Listings

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Have a look at our press page to see past articles about and pocket listing, in general (New York Times article).

Amy Blakeley Uses To Do More Deals, And She Did A Blog Post About It

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This post from Amy Blakeley way back before we launched our beta version was recently discovered. We also thank Amy for her support and generosity in sharing the news about our launch way back when. Thanks Amy!

““Pocket listings” are properties that are not publicly advertised but are considered for sale. Advertising for these homes is typically done through the Realtor’s and the seller’s networks, by word of mouth, and increasingly with a property-specific website. Pocket listings are a subject of much debate in the real estate world: whether the seller is serious about selling, if the asking price is realistic, and if the Realtor is able to properly do his job of getting the most exposure possible for the property.

The exposure debate is about to be laid to rest. Expected to launch in January 2010 is, a nationwide website exclusively for Realtors to promote properties that are not listed in their local MLS (multiple listing service).

The website will have a basic set-up where the general public can peruse these off-market real estate offerings and, when interest is piqued, have his or her agent contact the Realtor. No addresses will be published. Only licensed Realtors are able to enter property listings, which will preserve the site’s goal of becoming the go-to place for additional housing inventory, rather than a free for all for FSBO’s.

If you are too excited to wait for the website to go live, visit PocketListings on Twitter, which is already brimming with inventory.
Amy Blakeley, REALTOR® McGuire Real Estate ablakeley at”

Woot! Love the support. Thank you!, No More Secret Stash

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Blog Post From Eileen Birmingham (San Francisco Realtor) Who Uses To Do More Deals

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We’re just doing a bit of catch up on some previous press we didn’t even know about. Thank you to Eileen Birmhangam of Zephyr Real Estate for this wonderful post way back when!

“I’ve been using since it recently launched. A “pocket listing” is one that isn’t posted in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and is thus considered to be off market. is a user-generated database of these listings and buyer needs. Real estate agents subscribe to the site, input off-market listings, and subsequently inform their clients about new properties. They can also potentially sell their listings in a less traditional way.

The more agents who join, the more opportunities will surface for their clients. I’ve been asked why sellers wouldn’t want to expose their properties to the most amount of people possible. For one thing, we’re in a different market now. Multiple offers do exist, but they aren’t happening as regularly, nor are list prices routinely selling for way over asking. wouldn’t have been as sensible had it launched three years ago. But it absolutely makes sense now. Sellers can settle on realistic and reasonable prices with their Realtors’ guidance, and not necessarily have to deal with the inconvenience of open houses and nosy neighbors (a majority of whom aren’t qualified buyers to begin with).

If a property sits on the market for too long in the MLS, the “days on market” is a like a red flag for a lowball offer. If a seller can hook up with a buyer through the efforts of their respective, knowledgeable agents, things could go a lot more smoothly for everyone.

And buyers love, love, love knowing about off-market properties because they can have time to think straight, finalize preapprovals, review disclosures and not feel like they have a gun pointing at their head in the form of an offer deadline. The process can be extremely rewarding and significantly less stressful. will cost you, as a licensed agent, $4.95/mo. The database is growing as I type. Get on their and post your buyer needs and listings, and let’s do business!”

Thanks Eileen! You’re going to love what’s coming very soon. Paves New Path For Buyers, Seller, and Agents [Inside SF Real Estate]

Our First Mansion Marketed For Sale (Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania)

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Although not the first property posted on our site in Pennsylvania, it’s definitely the most eye-catching, and certainly our first “Mansion”.

If the photos of this little mansion don’t catch your eye, perhaps the description will:

Gorgeous 11,000 sf mansion on 22 acres of wooded land in picturesque New Hanover Township. This home is 30 yrs old with 3 living levels of style and craftsmanship not found in today’s homes. Modern features include renovated bathrooms w/radiant floor heating, new Andersen windows and doors, new high efficiency utilities and a brand new CertainTeed roof and septic system. From the brand new gourmet kitchen to the great room, every space is accented by amazing mill work, gleaming marble and rich Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. The home features a master suite which includes uniquely styled his and her bathrooms and two walk in closets, an in-law suite and 3,000 sf. finished basement. The home allows for possible subdivision. Convenient to the Main Line, Center City, and Lehigh Valley. By adding your personal touches, this home could be Architectural Digests next cover house!

Not sure where Perkiomenville, PA is? Don’t worry, we weren’t either. But thanks to Google Maps, we know it’s right here:

It’s definitely a mansion for our record books, so who’s got the pocket book for this truly amazing home?

Perkiomenville, PA – 18074 – Single Family Home – $1,290,000 – 5 bed – 7.5 bath – Parking: 4 New Hanover Township – Sqft: 9,685 []