Dear Members,

Looking for this?

That was our beta version. We launched it. We got tons of traffic. Agents closed deals because of it. We learned from it. We killed it.

PocketListings.net Version 2.0 is live! We changed at least 100 things since the beta version and we have made a completely overhauled service available to you. The general concept is the same, but now we have tons of new features including Real Estate Match™, Saved Search, a Principals Only feature, Social Networking and Sharing options, Increased Privacy Options, and so much more, all available to help you close more transactions and get more, and more happy clients!

Version 2.0 is 100% feedback driven, and we can’t thank you enough for the valuable insight you have provided.

The new homepage looks like this…

Click to check out PocketListings.net Version 2.0

As a current member, you might be wondering what the heck happened to your old account. This is definitely a valid concern, but something you absolutely don’t need to worry about. We have transferred all of the previous accounts over to the new version successfully, your username and password are the same, and ALL of your posts (including photos) are still live on the new site. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to automagically produce Real Estate Matches™ for transferred posts. You can simply do a new post to “trick” the system.

This new version automatically expires posts after 30 days and pulls them off the site, but any posts transferred over will remain live for 60 days from 10/1/2011 (who luvs ya). After 60 days your post will simply Unpublish, but it’s easy to republish it.

To learn all about the new version in detail or if you ever have any questions, please refer to this awesome Tutorial we just threw together. For future reference you can always find it at http://blog.pocketlistings.net/tutorial. We will continue to update it as things change, so don’t hesitate to refer to it later.

We hope you like the new site, and we hope you tell your colleagues. It took us a REALLY long time to release this new version, but we didn’t want to release something with which we weren’t 100% satisfied.

List and search is old school. List, Match, Search, Share, Tweet, Expire, Like, and Link are new school, and we are the Dean.

As an active real estate agent in the city of San Francisco, I can categorically state we are filling a void in our marketplace.

We value your business and are striving to make our service something you and your clients come to know and trust, and we hope that you and your clients realize there is now an alternative (not competitor) to MLS. Use your Multiple Listing Service, and use us too. Your clients deserve options, as do you.

If you have any questions about the new site, please refer to our Tutorial from here on out.

As always, may your pocket listings sell quickly, and your buyers find what they need.


Alexander Clark

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