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The Last Post. Thank You. Goodbye From Here. Connect With Me There…

Dear Friends, followers, and faithful members of PocketListings.net. I have decided to discontinue PocketListings.net and join Top Agent Network as an advisor. They have purchased the domain. This page, and the site will remain active for only a short time more. I appreciate all of your support and networking over the years, and I am excited for what the future of off market real estate, or at least all of us to be able to use technology to create more real estate opportunities, has in store.

As many of you know, I am always building new technologies to help us sell more property, and my attention will now turn to www.theGoods-sf.com, and helping agents market to their clients with meaningful content. You can join me on my next journey by connecting with me anywhere social @theFrontSteps (on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and my blog, which is www.theFrontSteps.com.

Additionally, the source code from PocketListings.net is available for licensing and “in house” use for your own personal networking.

Thank you again. Please read this great bit of press featured on none other than Inman News for a bit more insight and information:

Top Agent Network Scoops Up Domain Name PocketListings.net And CEO Alexander Clark

Happy New Year, thank you, and all the best!

Alexander Clark -Founder/CEO of PocketListings.net

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