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PocketListings.net & Climb Real Estate Group

Pocket listings, “not on MLS” listings, “off market” property for sale, you’ve heard it all. They exist…in droves. Every single (yes, every single) brokerage has them, every single real estate agent would love to know about them, and the public is becoming more aware of them. They’ve been a part of our industry for decades, but sharing them on one public platform has not (currently it’s all internal emails, or “private” networks). Fortunately for all of us, PocketListings.net launched a couple years ago and is becoming THE place to share these “private” listings. But as is the case with every new technology that comes out, most real estate agents and brokerages are slow to adapt. Painfully slow.

In an effort to expedite the sharing, and make things more simple, Climb Real Estate and PocketListings.net have teamed up in the form of an old school newsletter. Why Climb Real Estate? Because they “get it”.

Climb Real Estate Featured Listings brought to you by PocketListings.net 425 1st St., #3603, Rincon Hill Coming Soon: 350 Broderick St., NOPA Condominium, Mission Bay Condominium, up to $1.3M Condominium, Multi-Unit (2+) Image Map

All of these posts are already online at PocketListings.net, tweeted @PocketListings, and some are shared on Facebook, but it appears the real estate industry still prefers email, so we’ve taken a few steps back, and have started a newsletter.

If you’re interested in getting your company’s off market, pre-mls, coming soon listings, and your agents’ buyer needs featured on this newsletter (with your branding included), email contact@pocketlistings.net, and we’ll set it up. If you simply want to be on this newsletter distribution, just send an “add me to the list” email to posts@pocketlistings.net (buyers, sellers, public, anybody is welcomed). This was our first send, and it’s only going to get better.

We applaud Climb Real Estate to be the first to journey down this road. We hope that Pacific Union, Vanguard, Paragon, Zephyr, Hill & Co, TRI / Coldwell Banker, McGuire, Barbegellata, Herth (all in San Francisco) are next to join, because we have recently received emails from every single one of those companies marketing this very thing. It’s high time you all put those opportunities in one place, as it will benefit everyone.


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