The Last Post. Thank You. Goodbye From Here. Connect With Me There…

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Dear Friends, followers, and faithful members of I have decided to discontinue and join Top Agent Network as an advisor. They have purchased the domain. This page, and the site will remain active for only a short time more. I appreciate all of your support and networking over the years, and I am excited for what the future of off market real estate, or at least all of us to be able to use technology to create more real estate opportunities, has in store.

As many of you know, I am always building new technologies to help us sell more property, and my attention will now turn to, and helping agents market to their clients with meaningful content. You can join me on my next journey by connecting with me anywhere social @theFrontSteps (on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), and my blog, which is

Additionally, the source code from is available for licensing and “in house” use for your own personal networking.

Thank you again. Please read this great bit of press featured on none other than Inman News for a bit more insight and information:

Top Agent Network Scoops Up Domain Name And CEO Alexander Clark

Happy New Year, thank you, and all the best!

Alexander Clark -Founder/CEO of

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We Bid You Adieu, And Thank You For Your Support And Business Over The Years…

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Top Agent Network Welcomes New Advisor: Founder Alexander Clark

San Francisco, CA (January 3, 2014) – Top Agent Network, Inc. (TAN) announced today that Alexander Clark, founder and CEO of the online real estate platform, has agreed to become an industry and technology advisor to Top Agent Network. TAN is also acquiring the domain name from Mr. Clark.

Top Agent Network CEO/Founder David Faudman says of the new arrangement, “I have great respect for Alexander as a true real estate entrepreneur. We are excited to bring his insight and expertise into Top Agent Network.”

Mr. Clark, currently a real estate agent at Paragon Real Estate Group and an active member of Top Agent Network’s San Francisco chapter, founded in 2010. While switching his brokerage affiliation, Mr. Clark became acutely aware of how fragmented non-MLS networking was between brokerages. To help solve this problem, he started, a brokerage independent non-MLS listing exchange service.

As a top-producing broker in Marin County, California, David Faudman had recognized similar needs in his own real estate sales business. He developed Top Agent Network in the mid-1990s, originally as a simple email list-serve for local high producing agents, then as the online application in 2009. Top Agent Network allows members to exchange pre-MLS and non-MLS information across all brokerages. This exchange includes: Listings, Buyer Needs, Service Provider Recommendations and Industry Discussion.

“Restricting membership to verified high-ranking professionals makes for a highly trusted, productive online exchange,” notes Mr. Faudman. “Our members use TAN enthusiastically in the markets we have launched so far.” Top Agent Network currently has 30 chapters nationwide and has attracted a broad roster of some of the highest producing agents throughout the country.

“That’s what interested me in joining TAN,” said Mr. Clark. “Technologically, the real estate industry is a step or two behind. But TAN members here in San Francisco use Top Agent Network religiously. TAN is a cutting edge real estate company that is changing the way top agents conduct their business. I am excited to bring my knowledge and experience to Top Agent Network.”

Top Agent Network is a paid membership available to qualified top producers in local chapters by invitation only. For more information, view or contact Membership Director Suzanne Crawford at


Suzanne Crawford, Membership Director
Top Agent Network, Inc.
One Sansome Street, Suite 3500
San Francisco, CA 94104

Collaborating Agents Deliver the Inside Edge

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April 1, 2013 Leave a comment Pick City of the Week: San Diego

We love San Diego and we’ve got three new listings in the Carmel Valley of San Diego.

For more deets and photos go to

Listed by Petra Strecker of Keller Williams.

(photo by

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Pocket listings, “not on MLS” listings, “off market” property for sale, you’ve heard it all. They exist…in droves. Every single (yes, every single) brokerage has them, every single real estate agent would love to know about them, and the public is becoming more aware of them. They’ve been a part of our industry for decades, but sharing them on one public platform has not (currently it’s all internal emails, or “private” networks). Fortunately for all of us, launched a couple years ago and is becoming THE place to share these “private” listings. But as is the case with every new technology that comes out, most real estate agents and brokerages are slow to adapt. Painfully slow.

In an effort to expedite the sharing, and make things more simple, Climb Real Estate and have teamed up in the form of an old school newsletter. Why Climb Real Estate? Because they “get it”.

Climb Real Estate Featured Listings brought to you by 425 1st St., #3603, Rincon Hill Coming Soon: 350 Broderick St., NOPA Condominium, Mission Bay Condominium, up to $1.3M Condominium, Multi-Unit (2+) Image Map

All of these posts are already online at, tweeted @PocketListings, and some are shared on Facebook, but it appears the real estate industry still prefers email, so we’ve taken a few steps back, and have started a newsletter.

If you’re interested in getting your company’s off market, pre-mls, coming soon listings, and your agents’ buyer needs featured on this newsletter (with your branding included), email, and we’ll set it up. If you simply want to be on this newsletter distribution, just send an “add me to the list” email to (buyers, sellers, public, anybody is welcomed). This was our first send, and it’s only going to get better.

We applaud Climb Real Estate to be the first to journey down this road. We hope that Pacific Union, Vanguard, Paragon, Zephyr, Hill & Co, TRI / Coldwell Banker, McGuire, Barbegellata, Herth (all in San Francisco) are next to join, because we have recently received emails from every single one of those companies marketing this very thing. It’s high time you all put those opportunities in one place, as it will benefit everyone.

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Another Success Story

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When we sold our home, privacy was of absolute importance. To meet our needs, Alex and Pocketlistings came up with an agent-first marketing approach that leveraged his pocket listings network ( This helped us get the word out and find the most suitable buyer, almost instantaneously. Our property sold off market after just one showing.

-Milla and Chad testimonial, March 2013.

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It’s not real estate’s “hidden market” any longer

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Pocket listings, up until quite recently, were called real estate’s “hidden market.” But the more we look around, we find SITES,CHANNELS and APPS like these.

Our stance on pocket listings:

Pocket Listings are not illegal, they are not unethical, and they are not unfair.  The only people that complain about them are the agents that don’t have the wherewithal to adjust to the changing landscape that is marketing real estate for sale. It’s high time an alternative to MLS comes along, and it’s just a matter of time before MLS, as we know it today, either adapts or goes away.

Up until now MLS was the only game in town to share listings easily between brokerages, but as we’ve said before, now there is the internet. Technology has changed dramatically in the past 5-10 years and some sellers realize they can get the price they want without ever going through the headaches of being on MLS (open houses, days on market, public price reductions, etc.). The only people that suffer are the agents programmed to only look for property for their buyers on MLS. Exposure is the name of the game, and if a property can be exposed via internet, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, a blog, a website, and so many other avenues that didn’t exist when MLS was conceived. The argument about hoarding commissions is just untrue. Use your negotiating skills to not only secure a pocket listing for your buyer, but also make sure you get a fair commission.

Our vision and success:



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Our Pocketlisting Pick

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Live like a rockstar or “baller” at this Oakland Hills retreat, currently owned by a rockstar and the former home of an NFL quarterback.

  • One of a kind 360 degree view property on 5+ acres of private parkland, stunning views to Mt. Diablo, all bridges, SF, and the bay. 14 minutes to SF Financial district.
  • 1000+ sq ft man cave, 5 car garage, putting green, more. This spectacular retreat is secure, private, and completely amazing.
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 4.00 Baths
  • 6 car garage
  • Oakland, CA – 94611
  • Square Feet: 4,900
  • Neighborhood: Oakland Hills/Orinda Hills

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